Boost Your Dutch!

FINALLY Unlock your Dutch: speak with confidence, GET your message across and connect with clients & stakeholders

Flexible 1-on-1 (Belgian) Dutch language coaching
for expats, leaders & entrepreneurs




“Because you know

you can make

meaningful connections
when you speak
the language”

From frustration to fluency:
Your guide to conquering Dutch

Have you ever felt left out due to that Dutch language barrier? Perhaps you’ve found yourself nodding in meetings, silently hoping you’ve understood the main points. Or perhaps you worried about appearing unprofessional while struggling to find the right Dutch words..

We understand the feeling all too well:

    • You’re seeking to fit in and feel a sense of connection.
    • Pronunciation mistakes bother you, alongside the fear of slipping up.
    • Balancing a busy schedule while learning Dutch presents a challenge.
    • Structuring thoughts into coherent Dutch sentences can be daunting.
    • The worry about making errors is a constant concern.
    • It’s frustrating when there’s a lack of opportunities to practice Dutch, as conversations often default to English.

Don’t worry. We’re here to navigate these challenges together, smoothing out your path to becoming a confident Dutch speaker.

“I had taken CVO courses before, but I was never really able to speak Dutch. Now, after my coaching with Marieken, I feel confident and can even lead meetings in Dutch!”

Eleni Tsiamparta

Architect, Evolta

Did you know that when you speak Dutch

your colleagues and clients will applaud you for your effort? 👏

🙏 Plus, you’ll experience a greater sense of appreciation.🙏

Go ahead, give it a try!

“Been there, done that!”, you say?

I get it. And many of my students had the same problems:

Dutch Pronunciation is Too Hard

✅ Via pronunciation workshops, utilizing audiovisual materials and personalized feedback sessions you’ll master the unique sounds of Dutch in no time!

I’m Afraid of Making Mistakes

✅ Learning in a safe and supportive environment is key. Through our interactive classes, our online community  and casual lunch chats, you are encouraged to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow in confidence.

I’ve Tried Before and Failed

✅With a tailored program based on your needs and interests, your learning journey is enhanced by our community’s support and direct access to your teacher via Whatsapp, ensuring personalized guidance and help every step of the way to achieve your Dutch language goals.

👋Hi there, My name is Marieken!

Your guide & language coach

I am the heart and soul behind The Dutch Club, where we’re all about making Dutch less of a headache and more about making connections. And I mean, real connections!  I’m here to help you nail Dutch for your everyday chats and work conversations. But first, let me share a bit of my backstory.

Becoming a Dutch Language Coach wasn’t exactly what I had in mind growing up.
I ended up getting into Economics & Modern Languages and surprisingly found myself pretty good at picking up new languages. The usual teaching vibe? Not my thing.
I was after something more lively and engaging.

My real passion for languages though kicked off in Catalonia, Spain during summercamps. It was all about making genuine connections and finding humor in our exchanges. This experience showed me that language learning is way more than just memorizing grammar rules—it’s about building bridges between cultures, between people.

Fast forward 2024: After helping over 300 expats, leaders and entrepreneurs get better at Dutch, and with over 15 years of teaching experience under my belt, I’ve learned a thing or two about tailoring the journey to fit each learner.

So, The Dutch Club isn’t just a place to learn Dutch. It’s about enjoying the journey of connecting through humor and shared experiences. Let’s create this story together, one laugh at a time.


P.S: This is me and my little son Lukas who was born in July 2023 💖

🗨️chatting with clients, collegues, family and friends,..

..catching every joke,
..feeling a profound connection,
and truly being part of the local vibe.

You finally feel that deep sense of belonging with your Belgian circle ,
all because you can speak their language fluently.

🌍That’s the world we aim to open up for you. 🌍

🏖️Picture this, it’s all possible!

Chatting in Dutch so smoothly and confidently, you’re keeping up the pace in any conversation.

Leveling up your Dutch skills for killer job opportunities and acing your studies.

Nailing every chat with family and friends, catching inside jokes, and feeling right at home in your local scene.

Een goede presentatie vraagt om een goede voorbereiding

Being in on every conversation, never missing a beat about what’s happening around you.

Getting what everyone’s saying, responding with ease, and making sure you’re understood.

Landing a cool local job, diving into the culture, and really getting your Belgian team and their references – you’re one of them now.

Talking to locals in their own language, making real connections, and living the dream.

“Marieken is an exceptional language expert. She tailored the training to my specific needs, making it immediately beneficial for both my personal life and professional career.”

Nick Liebiediev

Founder of

Ready to boost your Dutch?

Together,we’ll tackle your challenges head-on, providing the support you need.

Plus, I’ll arm you with essential phrases to use in any situation.

🎯Let’s make some real progress, step by step.🎯


In just 6 months, go from being stuck at a certain level of Dutch to speaking fluently and with confidence.


With ample speaking practice, personal feedback, and topics that interest you
A personalized 1-on-1 program tailored to your needs, featuring feedback on pronunciation, supportive videos on grammar, and customized assignments. All designed to support your professional goals.

Afraid of speaking up in meetings and making blunders?
That’s a thing of the past now! In 6 months you’ll be more confident than ever when speaking Dutch.

Every lesson is built on three facets:
Speaking +  Vocabulary in context + a solid grammatical foundation.

The combination of speaking courage, a solid understanding of sentence structure, and the right vocabulary is key and leads to fluent sentences!

Discover the Flipped Classroom Method

At our language coaching program, we use the innovative Flipped Classroom method. This approach allows you to prepare your personal assignments in advance, ensuring that your 1-on-1 time with your coach is maximized for speaking practice and applying new vocabulary.

How It Works:

  • Preparation: Before each session, you’ll complete personalized assignments.

  • Focus on Speaking: During your 1-on-1 sessions, you’ll focus on speaking and using new words. You’ll always get personal feedback.

  • Tailored Grammar and Key Phrases: Each lesson provides the right grammar and essential phrases to help you engage in conversations that matter to you.

Over the course of 6 months, you’ll receive all the support you need to elevate your Dutch to the next level.


If you feel you haven’t progressed after attending all the 1-on-1’s, having done your personal assignments and joining our extra community chats, then we’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.

I’ve spent nearly 6 months on 1-to-1 Dutch courses with Marieken, meeting once a week. It’s been a thrilling ride towards regaining my confidence in speaking Dutch, exploring new grammar in an engaging way, and enhancing my pronunciation.

Yi Xu

Test Specialist

Our 6 months
personalized 1-on-1 program

Your investment in (more in depth) Belgian Dutch connections

“But i’m afraid I will get stuck at a certain level”..

No worries! We’ll make your Dutch adventure a success!
When you get stuck, we’re there to support you:

👇     👇    👇

✔️Weekly online 1-on-1 session of 1,5h

✔️Access to our monthly lunch chats for 1 year
(= 12 extra practice moments of 45mins)

✔️interim & final evaluation + final report

✔️personalized key sentences recorded by me so you get the pronunciation right

✔️your personal digital notebook with all the notes from our sessions

✔️personal feedback on your speaking

✔️whatsapp access to the teacher for all your questions

✔️digital assignments, videos and exercises

✔️Q&A in our online community


via 30% KMO-portefeuille


VAT excl.

✔️ € 1494 discount = the cheapest option

*(or 6 monthly payments of €830 without subsidy)

Are you an employee?
Ask your HR department about it or provide them this link.

The Dutch Club specializes in providing customized online language coaching for non-native speaking employees and offers language coaching eligible for SME subsidies ( or the so called “KMO-portefeuille”).

This means small and medium sized businesses (= SME) can receive up to a 30% subsidy when they book their language coaching through The Dutch Club, making it a strategic investment in enhancing communication, inclusion and retention.

“The Dutch Club has successfully helped our colleague Julien significantly improve his Dutch. Initially, Julien had limited knowledge, but after the program, he can now actively participate in conversations.

We highly recommend The Dutch Club for their professionalism and dedication. Thanks to the KMO-Portefeuille, this investment in language training was an excellent choice.”

Stijn Pieters

Managing Partner , PM Risk Crisis Change

But that’s not all!
Time for some BONUSES!

💪Just because we want you to succeed all the way.💪

Practice your speaking in our lunchbabbels

  • A monthly online gathering of fellow Dutch learners
  • Facilitated by Marieken
  • Ideal from an A2 level onwards
  • Access for one year


  • value: € 850 

How to present like a pro in Dutch?

  • A comprehensible online course with me actually going through a presentation and learning you the right words and sentences to say!
  • Never feel unsure about presenting!
  • Ideal for an A2 level onwards


  • value: €120

How to use AI to practice your Dutch?

  • 1 hour training in Chatgtp, copilot and more so you can practice your Dutch even more!
  • Practical case studies on how to practice your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, alongside reading, listening, and speaking.

  • Value : €49 

In just 6 months, go from feeling unsure  to being a confident speaker with the “Boost Your Dutch” program. That’s our promise! 

You’ll start conversations at work, lead discussions in meetings, and talk easily with clients.

So that you can share your ideas and speak up confidently anytime.

Without feeling unsure about pronouncing words, being afraid of making mistakes, or feeling stuck because you can’t put your sentences together or feel too shy to talk in Dutch.

Questions & Answers

How does "Boost Your Dutch" differ from other Dutch language courses?

“Boost Your Dutch” is tailor-made for expat professionals and entrepreneurs, or employees of your company. Combining personal coaching with Marieken’s unique teaching style—think high energy, creativity, and a deep understanding of the expat experience. Our focus on real-life application, cultural nuances, and professional scenarios sets us apart. Plus, our community and live practice sessions ensure you’re learning not just from me but from a whole network of Dutch language enthusiasts.

What can I expect from the 1-on-1 coaching sessions?

Expect a blend of structured learning and spontaneous conversation, all geared towards your personal goals. Marieken uses a mix of innovative teaching methods, cutting-edge technology like Ai and Quizlet, and creative assignments to keep lessons engaging. You’ll tackle real-life scenarios, receive personalized feedback, and discover the joy of learning Dutch in a supportive, interactive environment.

What does access to The Dutch Club community involve?

Joining The Dutch Club community means you’ll be part of an active, supportive group of learners and speakers. This includes monthly “lunch babbels” for casual conversation practice, free webinars on a variety of Dutch-related topics, and a platform to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with fellow Dutch language enthusiasts. It’s a great way to practice, learn, and make friends—all in Dutch!

How do I know which level of Dutch I should start at?

Don’t worry about determining your level before you start. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a comprehensive language screening to assess your current proficiency. This ensures you’re starting at the right point in our program, with content that challenges without overwhelming you.

What if I have a busy schedule?

We understand that life gets busy, especially for professionals and entrepreneurs. That’s why our program is designed with flexibility in mind. For 1-on-1 coaching, we’ll work with you to schedule sessions that fit into your lifestyle. We’re currently working on an online self-study option, where you have the freedom to learn whenever and wherever suits you best. If you’re interested, you can opt for the waiting list by sending a mail to .

How quickly will I see results?

Language learning is a journey, and progress can vary from person to person. However, with consistent study and participation in our community events, many of our learners see significant improvements in their Dutch proficiency within three months. Remember, it’s not just about the destination but the fun and fulfillment you’ll find along the way!

Can I get a certificate at the end of the program?

Although we are not an officially recognised organization by the government, we do provide upon completion of the “Boost Your Dutch” program, a certificate to acknowledge your hard work and progress. It’s a testament to your dedication to mastering Dutch and a great addition to your professional portfolio.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Simply visit our registration page, choose your preferred payment plan (1-on-1 coaching with or without SME discount of 30%), and fill in your details. Once you’re registered, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the instructions to get started on your Dutch language adventure.

What is the kmo-portefeuille?

The “kmo-portefeuille” is a subsidy program in Belgium, specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (kmo stands for “kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen”). Freelancers or “eenmanszaken” can also take advantage of this option!

The main goal of the kmo-portefeuille is to encourage SMEs to invest in Training and Education that enhance the skills and knowledge of employees.

The most important thing to check is:
is your business  registered in the Flemish region? If not, your company is not eligible for this subsidy.

Financial Support

  • Subsidy Amount: The subsidy covers a percentage of the costs for training and consultancy services. This percentage can vary but typically ranges from 20% to 30% of the total expenses.
  • Annual Limits: There is a maximum amount that can be subsidized per year per company.

If you’re unsure, double check the VLAIO website, ask your accountant or get in touch with me ( I’ll be happy to help you get through the process.

How do I apply for the "KMO-portefeuille"?

If it’s your first time applying for the KMO-portefeuille, you’ll need to create an account on the VLAIO website. Once your company is registered, you can apply for the subsidy.

Choose a provider, such as The Dutch Club, and select their program. The Dutch Club will issue an invoice for the total amount, which you will need to apply for the subsidy. You will only need to pay the VAT directly to The Dutch Club.

During the application process, you’ll be asked to pay 70% of the total amount (excluding VAT) into the Pluxee account. Once that’s done, the government will contribute the remaining 30% to the account.

When both amounts are in the account, you need to transfer the full amount from the Pluxee account to The Dutch Club through their website.

It may seem complicated at first, but don’t worry—we’ll guide you through the process and provide all the necessary details to complete the form.
More details can be found here:

Can I apply for this coaching when I am not self-employed or when I don't have a company?

Yes, you can. Although we have a strong track record of working with companies, we welcome individuals as well. We do recommend getting in touch with your HR-department at work to see if you can get the coaching via the company you’re working for. If you are not eligible for the KMO-portefeuille subsidy, we offer a payment plan to make our coaching accessible to everyone.

I have a few employees who need to learn Dutch quickly. Is group coaching available?

I have a few employees who need to learn Dutch quickly. Is group coaching available?

Yes, group coaching is possible, and special prices apply. Feel free to book a call to discuss your company’s needs, and we’ll provide you with a quote. You can also download our (Dutch) brochure here.

Still in doubt?

Get your questions answered
in a 30 min acquaintance call with Marieken